Equi Training Centre Ruben Rouweler


Equi Training Centre Ruben Rouweler offers you the possibility to experience equestrian sports at a professional manner and also enjoy the typical ‘Twentse’ luxurious hospitality!

 Are you interested in attending competitions and lessons? Or are you looking for a new horse which you would like to try out in a comfortable, casual environment? Equi Training Centre Ruben Rouweler with its modern facilities will make this an unique experience for you!

As we are centrally located in Europe, we also offer availability to riders who would like to stable their horses at our accommodation.


We look forward to welcoming you, and besides training there are many other activities to enjoy:

  •      Competitions
  •      Visiting other stables
  •      Attend keuringen

Of course you are free to plan your pastime to your own liking!

The accommodation is fully equipped with the following, and more:

  •     Indoor Arena
  •     Outdoor Jumping Arena (Jumping Garden)
  •     Galloping Track of 600m
  •     Horse walker
  •     Washing areas
  •     Many paddocks and fields
  •     Guest accommodation at walking distance with loads of privacy
  •     Presence of certified farrier and veterinarian

Feel free to contact us for more information about the possibilities and availability and please follow us on our website, Facebook or Twitter.